What it is to be Blue

Over the last few years, Bill Cronshaw of Dreamshed Theatre has written and staged a number of well-received City-related plays. The first one was ‘I’ll be Bert’, a tribute to the legendary Bert Trautmann. This was followed by ‘Maine Road Blues’ which celebrated City’s eighty years at Maine Road. Next up was ‘Shalalalalee’, which told the story of a fictitious City apprentice and his girlfriend during the Mercer and Allison glory years. More recently, ‘City 125 – The Club with no History’ celebrated City’s 125th anniversary in a revue-style show.

In addition to presenting these shows in Manchester, they have toured to all parts of the UK, performing to local City supporters’ clubs as well as to the general public in a range of venues and Arts festivals – often to sell-out audiences.

Bill, as a lifelong City fan of 65 years, is of course thrilled to be able to celebrate and share his support for City in this way. Of equal importance to him however, is the fact that in doing so, he is fulfilling one of Dreamshed Theatre’s guiding principles which is to bring live performance to the general public as well as regular theatregoers.

Bill’s new project aims to continue and build upon this tradition.

‘What it is to be Blue’

‘What it is to be Blue’ is the working title for Dreamshed’s latest production – an entertainment to delight and excite City fans of all ages.

The production is based on the classic variety show format blending music, song, poetry, sketches and stand-up comedy. Professional actors are the ‘anchors’ to the evening but, reflecting Dreamshed’s philosophy, there are opportunities for enthusiastic amateurs to become involved on the night.

‘What it is to be Blue’ is an excellent fund-raiser for charities, supporters’ clubs, corporate organisations and anyone with City in their soul.